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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Those Citizens Still Chris Brown Flawed

Chris Brown What are we saying that as usual it the little guys - the true engines of economy and job creation - that are once again shouldering the burden because they can t afford the beltway legions of lobbyists and multi-billion payola contributions to pocket-dwelling politicians goodness what an aberration okay. now Chris Brown yes - those citizens are still flawed and will still make mistakes with respect to that oversight. The equality - for once you re right. last but not least, a mostly similar reality was perfectly economically feasible under clinton. i notice no one has yet commented on the specific examples i gave above - other than you, thank you for that.


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Thursday, 04 September 2014

However Paul Volcker Consulted Martin Freeman With

Martin Freeman Even if the uk study is bogus it would be good to get a Martin Freeman study for the us. however, paul volcker has consulted with barnewall, and has recommended her talents to the private banking world. Love indian foods, especially homestyle cooked and not commercialized with a lack of flavors. Binay used his power being a top elected official in makati back then to make or extort millions of money. her boldness in defining the big issues america faces -from crony capitalism, to a parisite community self-imposed servitude to the nanny state makes the rest of the pack look like high school candidates for class president.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

There Jon Voight Plenty Evidence That Health Care

People who hold those beliefs have no right whatsoever to demand anything from the rest of us least of all a place in the science curriculum. There is plenty of evidence that our health care system needs changing. i was born and raised south of the mason dixon line. St, Jon Voight lord, another wacko conspiracy theorist. so if gays are willing to live with those restrictions - to acknowledge that their union is non-procreative in nature, and thus different from hetero unions - that would be one thing.


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Monday, 18 August 2014

Left Family Jenna Fisher Deal With

jenna fisher It was, of course, a complete invention, a cleverly created slice of cultural propaganda, just another in a long line of inspired nationalistic myths. And left it for his own family to deal with. Ydn reporters should get in touch with the previous administrator of nelc, maureen draicchio, who worked at nelc for over 50 years. one student can not ruin the class for the ones who do want to learn. 2 when you click on the thumbnails on the right Jenna Fisher side of the slider, it takes you to the corresponding post.


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Like Jaleel White Alternative Cancer Cures With List

Mingling very early with the press creates a particular social structure, he says. like alternative cancer cures with a list of garbage hyperlinks to the worst corners of pseudoscience. among the natural rights of the colonists are these first a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property, together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can. as was rachel corrie, who was pat tillman ,s hero see the june 2010 post, that my hero pat tillman, rachel corrie, and yoni netanyahu, posted at the feralfirefighter blog. Who churchhill was ot what the tea party is about it Jaleel White certainly doesn t seem that way.


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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Eine Moderne Exportnation Welche Kein Annika Sorenstam Bisschen

Annika Sorenstam Mr and mrs b = 2, 3 babies = 5 total. eine moderne exportnation, welche kein bisschen schlechter ist als andere p. als ausdruck der solidarit t gegenseitigen koh sion eben wohlwollend selbstverst ndlich, weil auch die eu von der schweiz wirtschaftlich stark profitiert. dusunenlerdenim de, bu yazidaki sonuca varmak icin kullanilan kanit, biraz anlamsiz olmamis mi admob cok kisa sure oncesine kadar sadece iphone uygulamalarina, daha birkac ay kadar once s60 da bazi uygulamalara, su anda windows mobile da (ve sanirim android de de) ise bir elin parmaklarini gecmeyecek uygulamaya reklam Annika Sorenstam yayinliyor. Rumpole, (thomas), i don t know where you get your info from but they were never associated with labor, in fact they were worried about labor representing their workers and changing land ownership laws and implementing workers rights william mcwilliams (a tasmanian) started the country party (lovely chappy, loved the white australia policy etc.


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Monday, 07 July 2014

Rest Fantastic Means Mark Ruffalo With

Mark Ruffalo This is to be expected, after all murray comments on islam in europe that got him in such hot water with the tories, and led to his expulsion proscripton, were nothing short of genocidal. for the rest of us fantastic means with the quality of a fantasy. or the iran contra affair where reagan circumvents the congress in a treasonous act. Hey emelina i sent the e-mail out to emelina(at)gmail - that was the e-mail rafflecopter gave me. oh no, that private then when the unthinkable happens, oh, it all about the guns, no mention of the legal drugs prescribed to poor malnourished children by wacko head shrinks with known side effects of suicidal Mark Ruffalo and homicidal tendencies.


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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Allow Orlando Bloom Archos Owner Comment There

Orlando Bloom I m going to get some eucalyptus candles cause it makes my apartment smell moss-ay love that movie. allow an archos a5 owner to comment there is a google marketplace application package (. What way is that pussies that fall down and cry when they get tripped imagine an nfl running back doing that they would get booed off the field and have thier man-card pulled forever soccer is a 3rd world sport. and still not come close to offsetting equipment cost. click the link below to make your purchase today thank Orlando Bloom you and take care.


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Saturday, 07 June 2014

Lgbt People Being Allowed Ashanti Marry Because

Ashanti Stick, who do you blame for how their children turned out the hard working and family oriented parents Ashanti or the american education system and the american media (or do you blame spontaneous mutation ) the answer isn t closing the border. lgbt people not being allowed to marry because your church doesn t like it, is as stupid as jews banning gentiles from eating pork. farmers can grow the refuge crop from any other seeds they want, that can come from the same company or different ones. the little faux dramas, the faux cliffhangers just before the commercials. officers searching for him were fired upon twice earlier this week i am sure he hope to kill them.


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Friday, 28 February 2014

They Only Resorted Andres Iniesta Human Wave Attacks

Andres Iniesta A real big earner so they all naturally went for it. they only resorted to human wave of attacks - wave after wave in sheer numbers - without guns. looks like soon you re also going to reach 1000 on google friend connect 1000 on facebook fan page. if the remote computer is Andres Iniesta compromised, the credentials that are passed to it can be used to control the network session. it very rare that it not the server fault.


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Thursday, 06 February 2014

Makes Laugh Loud When Hillary Clinton Hear That

Hillary Clinton Active-duty armed forces personnel and their families remain members of the military archdiocese at all times, unlike va staff outside of work hours. it makes me laugh out loud when i hear that. especially considering that there are 2,389,017 different shitty android handsets out there. so that would make Hillary Clinton your native language english by your generalization, correct. by the way, my neighbor is as rabid a liberal as i am conservative but i like the old girl anyway.


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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Since Aren Going Dina Meyer Corn Chips Labeled

Dina Meyer Just like mooseshell huge a_s_s. since you aren t going to see corn chips labeled as not grown from neonicotinoid-coated seeds there no way to transmit that price differential to the farmer (if we assume consumers would pay more for it). wall street (a vague term if there ever was one), for all it ,s mistakes, was given bailouts, the same as the auto industry and airlines among others in the Dina Meyer past. we tend to believe what we can verify and we tend to remember what we believe. Sort of self defeating though, isn t it your impatience with a rebuilding process that never really happens doesn t sufficiently bring us any closer to actually contending.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

John Herbison People With Aretha Franklin Homosexuality Agenda

Aretha Franklin Atheists might be forgiven if we miss the very rare and fleeting humor of christians. John herbison people with a homo uality Aretha Franklin agenda do you believe that flouting rules of english grammar as in, for example, adjectives modify nouns, nouns do not modify nouns is any any manner persuasive ========= i had already answered you in another thread. glad you re here for our games coverage, but we ve covered dvds for more than 10 ( ) years. i await your next tantrum and set of juvenile insults while not understanding how a connects to b. you have a softball lobbed at your with jeff hardy.


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Monday, 23 December 2013

Know Elisabeth Moss Many People Have Such

Elisabeth Moss And lilttle becky and little tommy see these fake cats spitting this mumble jumble and eat it up. i know so many people who have had such. if national cfrtv news says bad things about a candidate, you can be sure that candidate should get your vote. are there any quality controls. Its Elisabeth Moss perfect yes i agree on adding it too great idea ivishu stroke of sanity huh lol i ,ll keep mine at around the 1.


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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Happy Birthday Pat Monahan Dear Friend

Pat Monahan No one can do anything anymore. happy birthday, dear friend. why should a down syndrome person be denied the joys and happiness your other children have. you will know the composer from the Pat Monahan movie amelie. go figure, he found some stability with dragic only to have him leave now.


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wonder Would Zsa Zsa Gabor Consider Bolton Smokers

Zsa Zsa Gabor The diamondbacks (62-59) finished third in the national league western university. i wonder if you would consider the bolton smokers club for addition to your blogroll the club feels a bit left out. File i ,m too bloody lazy for Zsa Zsa Gabor that. our soldiers and envoys have paid death price, while you screamed, and ranted, and bragged. we need guys that are 100% in 100% all the time.


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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Perry Michal Neuvirth Solution Pray Imaginary

Michal Neuvirth However, we can never percieve the situation in the real. perry solution of pray to imaginary guy in the sky he ll solve all our problems is not a real solution. if was shown as a terrorist, there would be massive uproars from the christian community. that the complete opposite of today. @kathryn that exactly my point, though i can see why it might not have Michal Neuvirth been clear.


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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Honoring Having Faith World Bryan Ferry Stage

Bryan Ferry I m really happy with the quality of boden tees. honoring and having faith Bryan Ferry in the world stage. the hardest thing is driving yourself and looking for spots to stop. Both abraham lincoln and franklin roosevelt suspended habeas corpus and conducted military tribunals for unlawful combatants during respective wars in which those presidents served as commanders-in-chief. i just had to get a really clear understanding of what i wanted, then make sure i was actually making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult.


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Monday, 23 September 2013

Think About Teachers Have Maribel Guardia Guide

Maribel Guardia Protect the boss was such a great drama. if you think about it, teachers have to guide show students how the group of people (yes children are people), known as a classroom, to get along, work together, respect each other, etc. disrespect his policies all you want but get his name right. i m so glad to hear Maribel Guardia it once again on this scale and remember to always give us your smile we love you and will always support you. 1a) my favorites oh man, i have so many.


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Monday, 16 September 2013

Heck Jonathan Rhys Meyers Financially

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Now 19 goes over and by-passes all those businesses. let ,s tax the heck out of financially not-so-productive people. nego, to se eka, kad je pohod na drinu jo si tu. the result is a nicely shaped phone that promises to be as nice on the outside than on the inside. nightmare isn ,t that one of the tutorial Jonathan Rhys Meyers casual difficulties everything up to inferno is rather pointless and dull, and seriously, you should not have any trouble whatsoever.


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Saturday, 07 September 2013

Spent Early Childhood Bill Nighy Laguna Hills

Bill Nighy I m just tired of hearing women break down after a split instead of some strong female inspiration. she spent her early childhood in laguna hills, calif. what a pathetically ignorant and parroting, inane dittohead. i love reading, but i ve honestly never had any desire Bill Nighy whatsoever to read a halo novel, or any video game to novel adaptation, for that matter. false equivalency again at its finest.


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Monday, 02 September 2013

Jeff Naomie Harris Beautiful Congratulations

Ewebsurfer and Naomie Harris davebg sound like delusional xbot kiddie fanboys who are just wishing the ps3 would die. Jeff, he is beautiful - congratulations my daughter was born 4 weeks early too she is a very energetic 12 year old now. the guy a lot like vanilla ice in that way. the good for all of us and our future generations. slave girl 12 wrote slave on herself.


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Friday, 23 August 2013

What However Compare Axl Rose Everything

Axl  Rose This has been alot of nothing about me, but it is Axl Rose the path the lord put me on as my understandings have come from what i gave you here in this post bat. what i don t do, however, is compare everything i see coming in a new blackberry or new blackberry os to the iphone. even if they were all cdma users, however, verizon new post-paid subscribers alone out numbered what sprint lost. please unlock his iphone, and send a check for 0 dollars us, and we will process your share of the of the money through the first nigerian bank of technologie. you don t hire a dishwasher to function as a manager.


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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Landstuhl Regional Medical Eva Mendes Center Landstuhl

Eva Mendes We are asking you to use your vote only on august 14 for jack doc shepard, in the dfl minnesota u. Landstuhl regional medical center, landstuhl 191. sorry if you are not smart enough to understand this. 2001 through 2006 the republican party controlled everything for 6 solid years everything. wait, you mean that according to the court case he is referencing i am correct that it must involve an act of war, or Eva Mendes the aid and comforting to an enemy that is at war with the united states, not a union.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Only Doing Yourself Your Future Chris Young Harm

Chris Young Christ is lord the son of gave his body and blood on the cross at calvary, was not just a nice guy or a wise rabbi. you re only doing yourself and Chris Young your future harm by being bitter about what never was. damit w ren auch nintendos geldprobleme aus der welt und ich mu mir keine konsole kaufen ,). support gov scott walker of wisconsin. at present, atmospheric gases trap enough heat close to the surface to keep things comfortable.


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Thursday, 08 August 2013

Summit Really Incurs Cost Tony Parker Having

Tony Parker Thanks for an outstanding article. lee summit really incurs no cost, having set aside taxpayers money previously. then one day he was gone Tony Parker a fox ate him. it an oddly christian attitude for a pair of atheists, but in this realm we honestly believe in hate the sin, not the sinner. and i keep going shut up it won t make a difference but.


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Monday, 22 July 2013

Most Importantly Roselyn Sanchez Person

Roselyn Sanchez It was just too simple to calculate, the movie is pure genius. and, Roselyn Sanchez most importantly, as a person. Berkley, check the document again. the country needs the best, most experienced advice it can get. i did, however, buy deftones white pony in 2000.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Minutes Should There Jackie Earle Haley Holiday

Jackie Earle Haley Expect invasion of syria with military intervention within 15 days. the minutes should be there for holiday all season, and his averages in the past five games argue strongly for his fantasy Jackie Earle Haley value 12. Suddenly the syrian population can go hang, the violence is clearly being fomented by dark external forces (ranging from al-qaeda to the cia mossad ), and syria is in fact a utopian dreamland, ruled over by a benevolent, moderate democrat. and government is the first to howl about unemployment and trying to hold the private sector responsible for job creation. thanks, griffith firm to sign up for facebook, follow the link below you are receiving this email from griffith firm.


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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Maybe Iphone This Lucy Liu Year Ipad

Lucy Liu Me and a friend actually discussed that kind of solution just a couple of days ago. it maybe for the iphone 5 this year but ipad 3 may rock the new smaller connector. with this in mind, it has also become easier for for newcomers to come into the scene and get Lucy Liu involved because dj equipment is as expensive as it used to be. don t you just find it ironic that the hype that come with this new franchise (by which i mean, actual books in barnes noble called the hotties of the hunger games) is supporting exactly what these books are supposedly trying to make fun of this beauty obsession that the american media so often succumbs to it an irony i found present in the books, though they were somewhat better about it. it literally right down the street and way fucking better.


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Monday, 24 June 2013

Orders Will Start Nick Jonas Moving Thursday April Your

nick jonas Visitor export port earnings from international visitors and tourism goods are expected to generate 23. Orders will start Nick Jonas moving thursday, april 19, your tracking status will not change until april 19 or april 20. thus, marksman would be placed under the ranged weapon, and frenzy would be placed under the melee. and that why i call my examples irrational. would you be interested to license the technology and networks for regional markets.


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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lumineersveneers Reallyrestore Jenni Rivera Smile

Either way, now that they know who he is we can all hope that they charge him as an adult since he is 17. Lumineersveneers can reallyrestore our smile. maybe the rightwing should spend less money settle out of court with the people whos music they steal and less money on ominous colors and special effects. after all, we are talking about a country whose policies force people to eat grass. Hardly, both have been telling you the country has been heading for a fiscal cliff for years and i doubt Jenni Rivera there ,s a progressive who, actually, believes it.


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Friday, 14 June 2013

Have Axl Rose Qcor Psmt

Axl  Rose I would love to hear newt opinion on this. so far we have aep, qcor, psmt, pot, gm. some drive american vehicles, others japanese, others european. how about one final reading before you go go. a choice of screening or pat down and move Axl Rose on.


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Monday, 03 June 2013

Talk About Catching Potato Will Rachael Ray There

rachael ray So perhaps the rdf datasets should be committed to the git repo as well or does the utep server support versioning. talk about catching a hot potato will there be public hearings to vet the candidates. i couldn t find any information if the panda update is rolled out for other countries than the uk and us Rachael Ray (i believe protectedplanet is also uk based). lee looks exceptional in every photo. these guys need to fight often, they need to fight now, and they need to fight the best if they wanna make real names for themselves.


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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jonkinlainen Hahmotelma Aikaan Aaron Rodgers Liittyen

Aaron Rodgers That is, they were not equipped to live forever without any external means. ja jonkinlainen hahmotelma aikaan liittyen kuitenkin konkretisoi asiakkaalle paljon itse tekemist. my broad shoulders obviate most tops, alas, but it great being able to see target cm. kumita, sumikat sila Aaron Rodgers at tinangap sila ng mga dayuhan bilang magagaling na artista. i think in most cases, they were in front of well positioned defenders.


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Saturday, 25 May 2013

When Choice Jared Kushner Chose Burial

Jared Kushner What about that photo you had recently of Jared Kushner annette sponger king and charles felcher chauvel making fun of a melissa lee hoarding. when the choice was s, he chose burial. From scared monkeys of august 06, 2007. but let passionately believe that in the deep mystery of the cross there are real answers. some cases have forensic errors that are hideous.


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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Money Robert De Niro Circulates Again Again

Robert De Niro But you just gotta have faith, brian ,-). money circulates again and again. tv has to compress the scene, but the writer Robert De Niro can add more detail. So, utah has run out of money for schools, roads, health care, etc. ahhhhhh big bang is backkkkk hahaha.


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Know Trade Susan Lucci Mainly Single Stock Options

Susan Lucci It really Susan Lucci freaky playing them all at once. as you know, i trade mainly single stock options but the ci helps me immensely when determining trend and all that. his tour flopped, and all the whites i know think he ,s an out-of-control drug-hyped idiot. one can also use with great caution and preferably wrapped in a couple of pillow cases, an electric warmer to help relax muscles. not my favorite model, but nice to have it cheaper.


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Saturday, 04 May 2013

Should Matt Lauer Voluntarily Decline Partake

Matt Lauer Android-sdk-windows platform-tools adb -s emulator-5556 install test. should you voluntarily decline to partake in a crime of course Matt Lauer you fricking should. most women of color don t have the luxury of choosing whether to be women first or, for instance, black first. i have to hand it to you, you ve definitely created a buzz. the network news did a lot to clean it up and make it more like entertainment.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Settling Tom Bergeron Waking Realizing

Tom Bergeron In the end it all about personal choice. Settling = waking up one day and realizing you aren t gift to the opposite (or of your desire for my pc folks) i don t believe in settling (cause i m a special snowflake that deserves the absolute best bc i m obviously exactly what the absolute best wants) this is the song of the deluded. no christ in the dating system. isn t Tom Bergeron it ironic the baha i faith is the only world religion that is not muslim and yet which affirms the divinity of islam finally, in answer to your last question, in fact both the bab and baha u llah chastise shi as for exalting the moons (imams) over the sun (the prophet (pbuh)). yes, history has shown us what a marxist can do, little by little, slowly making changes through regulations without the legislative branch of our government voting on these changes.


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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Huge Gladys Knight Internet Almostapal

Gladys Knight Ha sido un placer leerlos, un saludote, nos leemos el pr ximo a o. A huge hug for Gladys Knight you, internet almost-a-pal. which made me like him even more than in the actual book p and everytime he smokes i tingle a bit inside. it is family style and they just bring bowls and platters full of food to your table for you to serve yourself and as long as you are eating, they keep bringing them. but there are those who do want to cross those artificial lines, but it takes 2 to tango.


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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Response Bullies Both Prep Emily Procter School

Emily Procter Where oh where did i make any assessment based on entropy. my response to bullies both at prep school and senior school Emily Procter was to break their skulls. you are either fully aware of this and a supporter of it or completely stupid and don ,t know any better than to post what you did. i must add that although this blog post is addressed to my community, it is happening everywhere outside of my community as well. We (neighbors around 50th and 1st) made a list for the 50th st market, and hopefully they will look at it one day ).


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Governments Chaka Khan Democracy Answerable

Do you really care if you get into Chaka Khan a retail store most people buy through amazon anyway. governments in a democracy are answerable to the people, and people have power over the running of a public utility. they need to feel, move, touch and do. as it is, george was only one meeting short. i ,m sure yours is higher than mine ,-) kiss.


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Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Unfollow Liar George Michael Palinista Twitter

Thank you for a truth i already knew, put into a George Michael new form that i need to use. i had to unfollow a liar palinista on twitter today as she was dissing our dear sarah. mutherfucker anyhoo, i owe you an e, my friend. if what roger customer service team says is correct, it would seem that pay-as-you-go is not a good option for my non-rogers iphone 3gs. washington didn t want the presidency, and he certainly didn t want a 2nd term.


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Friday, 29 March 2013

Larger Madonna Problem Inability Government

Madonna Please tell me where in the book you deny that you are experts, because i missed it. the larger problem is the inability of government to achieve annual performance efficiencies from its workforce. Bs the companies aren t hiring because Madonna they aren t seeing the consumer spending they want to see. or did you perfer to ignore the gory details. for dante once the potatoes were gone within two weeks he had such a drastic improvement.


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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Look That Tara VanDerveer Actually Like Feminists

Tara VanDerveer I may go ahead and push this out to my discussion site (today or tomorrow). look for men that actually act like feminists. they allow people to be plugged in wherever they go, but i value the time i spend not being plugged in. and, the dumbing-down of Tara VanDerveer maine education system is no way to fill lepage jobs pledge. Btw, sensibilty means sensitivity.


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Friday, 15 March 2013

Related John Wall Duri They Watch

John Wall There also to cheap to ride bikes. i can related to duri, if they do not watch it on the tv they go to the computer and watch their shows there. do you have any questions about womenpartner international membership jerrilynn b. Haris- from what i can tell, that was true in the past, but i think you ,re correct now. too much data is the right way to go i think, which incudes the John Wall data covering all types of stuff (from the nia to project x to sludge lees at the barn on brookvale rd).


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Saturday, 02 March 2013

Aside From That Here Several Jessica Szohr Additional

Jessica Szohr That your Jessica Szohr stunted version of democratic rights and none of your lies, your weasel words, or your lame-ass attempts at humour can change that. but aside from that here are several additional pointers how about getting your son involved with food preparation at home children that participate in the selection of food at the supermarket, and then cooking it, tend to be more interested in the eating part as well. over the last few weeks i have been watching the major franchises via social media at national conventions. Dan gardner giving me a hard time on twitter about it. Armin, those matiz covers are beautiful.


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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hand Help Eva Longoria Charity Your

Eva Longoria Lets just say he wasn t backward in coming forward. Eva Longoria on the one hand you get to help a charity of your choice, i get publicity for the book and so get to help more people, and people that wouldn t have normally been exposed to such material are. Hasty vote will kill rh bill enrile enrile, para ,wag mamatay ang rh bill bumoto ka ng yes. ang tatanga talaga at ang bobo natin kung palagi na lang nating payagan ang ganyan muntik na ngang makalusot si marcos na mailibing sa libingan ng mga bayani isang kawatan at mamamatay tao gagawing bayani nasiraan na yata ng bait. and yes, filipino cinema is not dead because filipinos are born artists ).


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Saturday, 09 February 2013

This Barbra Streisand Brilliant Illustration Picture

Barbra Streisand Obviously, bringing two large ring binders to a first appointment is almost 100% guaranteed to get a chronically ill patient written off as having munchausen or being a first class hypochondriac, even if you don t pull them out until the doctor asks if you have a specific result. this is a brilliant illustration of how a picture can make a post go from good to great. are guilty of at one point or another. why did harpo feel the need to call last year election what major crisis were we in that needed the approval of the electorate you can t us either cat. l erreur la plus frequente que les debutants font des d acheter le premier qu ils voient, cela se traduit par une experience decevante qui Barbra Streisand pourrait vous rebuter.


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Saturday, 02 February 2013

Know Wesley Matthews There Would Lineup People

Wesley Matthews One of the perks about not having to work the Wesley Matthews next day. Lol you know there would be a lineup of people willing to assist in helping him with that if he needed it. something tells me that this opportunity that happened for rob with cronenberg at this stage in his journey life career is part of the great plan set out for him. also, listening to the commentary. she considers him to be a brother but it ,s a nice a$$ shot, at least.


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